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Indigenous banner on a wall in a remote camp.
The foundation of our business is built on our professional partnerships, namely with the Indigenous people and communities that work with us in our remote sites and camps. We strive to establish joint ventures whereby we provide several advantages and opportunities for the members of a given community. We employ members from 18 different communities and we encourage them to exercise their practices freely. This means collectively working with local community leaders in remote locations and contributing to the socio-economic development and benefits within their communities. We ensure a high ratio of Indigenous employment rates, and we invest in the proper training to set all parties up for advancement and success. All our employees are trained in WHMIS, Food Safety, and leadership development, as well as various technical, administrative and customer service areas. Most importantly, our values have been to nurture a strong respect for Indigenous cultures and lands, and we have proven this for over 76 years through our ongoing long-term relationships.
Remote camp workers adhering to health and safety policy with gloves and masks
We are committed to investing in the health and safety of our employees and guests on each remote camp facility we operate. Our employees, guests, and clients are an asset, and to protect them, we enforce a culture that promotes Health, Safety, Environment and Community. Our core values are to develop policies, procedures, and safety initiatives to prevent workplace accidents and eliminate any adverse effects resulting from operational conditions. By nurturing a corporate culture of health and safety, we are demonstrating our commitment to our employees’ wellbeing, and our appreciation of their value. We are devoted to improving our essential services, employee training, and encouraging greater employee participation in their work camp management. Our remote site support services teams have a deep understanding of current challenges and apply various means to attain our safety standards. Our performance depends on the health of our remote location workforce, and we have a proven track record of this success.
a picture of canoes, water and mountains in a remote camp
Environmental responsibility and social responsibility in remote locations continues to gain importance, and we have several initiatives in place that diminish the environmental impact throughout our remote location operations. As an environmentally responsible company our objective is to alleviate the impact of this responsibility through initiatives that include:
  1. The use of environmentally friendly and sustainable recycled products
  2. Working with remote location clients, suppliers, and partners to ensure that our purchases are local and meet fair trade standards
  3. Implementing and managing a tracking and purchasing system to ensure maximum efficiently and minimum waste on remote sites
  4. Working with local suppliers to purchase environmentally friendly janitorial products that have little to no environmental impact on remote locations.
We focus on meeting daily ambitious environmental goals to mitigate 100% of our footprint, monitor existing measures, and developing new ones based on ongoing audits of our environmental performance.
cleaning crew at a remote camp in Canada
Our corporate culture is clear from day one, and it extends from senior management to frontline workers. Our work environment is composed of a set of practices and policies that endorse diversity and inclusion; we have zero tolerance for any exceptions. Some of our practices are:
  1. Establishing a sense of belonging for each employee and position
  2. Treating all our employees fairly
  3. Offering all of our employees equal opportunities
  4. Supporting ideas, innovation, creativity, feedback, and communication of any issues or concerns from every employee
  5. Educating all our employees on diversity and inclusion, including teamwork and collaboration.
Our staff consists of a variety of culture, background, experience, gender, and demography.
Canadian flag
Our business has been independently operated in Canada since 1945, and we take great pride in our roots and heritage. Over the last 76 years, we have conducted business, and developed client relationships and Indigenous partnerships across every single province. We know our territory well and we nurture our resources to share this advantage with our current and future clients. Our independence allows for flexibility and a competitive edge when dealing directly with our clients when negotiating, resolving conflicts, and improving practices.
A remote camp chef preparing a meal
Our business model has always been an authentic one when it comes to our most dominant services, such as remote site food catering. We invest in experts in all areas of our kitchen production team to build our own recipes and create homemade core components on every remote camp menu. Some great examples of this are our homemade bakery products, sauces, and traditional meals that can only be described by tasting. In doing so, we consider local sourcing and fresh ingredients to ensure the highest quality. We carry this principal across all our camp operations and departments, whereby our senior and camp management teams unite to develop client specific programs, supported by local resources.
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