Ekati Diamond Mines

  • The client has been operating this mine since 1999, and it is Canada’s first and largest diamond mine to date.
  • The client seeks options to extend the mine life, reduce operating costs, and maintain current services.
  1. The massive transition from one caterer to another, while assuring a smooth implementation in a remote location.
  2. The absence of trained local workforce and under-developed local employee base.
  3. The need for a change from the traditional service offering, inefficient administrative procedures, and weak overall management structure.
  1. We implemented our certified Health and Safety Program.
  2. We developed a customized recruitment strategy to suit the local market and aligned it with the client’s socio-economic corporate policies.
  3. We re-designed and updated of the operational model, service offerings, and menu options.
  • Our focus was on value added innovation, local capacity building, efficient process development, and critical service delivery.
  • The cost proposal in tender was reduced to meet the client’s budget and vision.
  • The transition to our operational mandate was seamless and turnkey.
  • The site reached safety performance objectives with our program in place.
  • There was an overall leaner and more flexible “fit for purpose” offering.