76 years of experience in remote camp and facility management

Our Experience
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Domco Group of Canada Limited has 76 years of experience and counting. We have been in operation since 1945, offering integrated remote site solutions in camp and facility management. Our programs range from remote food catering to hospitality services, each led by passionate teams immersed with experience and expertise.

We have professional staff with a strong Indigenous presence through our extensive First Nation partnerships. We have operated projects in almost every province in Canada, giving us a network of resources and tools ready to be shared.

Our mission is to offer peace of mind to our clients with quality services and tailored accommodation. Our vision is to endorse our core values and practices, namely by mentoring the Indigenous communities, creating opportunities, and providing a healthy and safe environment for the people working in Canada’s remote locations.

We are a corporation that has deep Canadian roots, and we are independently owned. Over all these years, we have developed a reputation of trustworthy and respectful relations with our clients and Indigenous partnerships. We strive to continue building synergistic long-term relations, supporting projects from start-up phases all the way to production.

Our Clients
Case Studies

Our experience is one of our most powerful assets when it comes to taking on a remote camp project. This has provided us with the versatility to fulfill projects in various phases. We can start a small-scale camp early in exploration and adapt to your progressive needs, or we can jump into an established project and counteract ongoing challenges with creative solutions.

We have proven to overcome logistical barriers such as transportation costs and hiring and training qualified staff. We adapt to any geographic location or remote environment. Most importantly, we take a strategic approach to maximize the wellness and efficiency of your workers while minimizing your cost.

Here are our top 3 successful cases studies:

Ekati Diamond Mines

The client has been operating this mine since 1999, and it is Canada’s first and largest diamond mine to date...

Richmont Mines

Richmont Mines has over 23 years of experience in production, exploration and development, and has a prudent management style...


Canadian High Arctic Research Station (CHARS) - Operated by a Government facility with a year-round research presence in Canada’s Arctic...

Over the years, we have made our mark in the mining industry, serving the teams of mining clients and construction contractors seeking resource explorations and production. Our remote camp and facility management infrastructures are dynamic in a way that we can apply them to any remote environment and industry. We have done so in other industries such as forestry, and we are in the process of studying new industries such as energy, oil, and gas.




Energy, Oil & Gas

Exploration Projects

Other Remote Sites

Our Team

Walter U. Zuppinger, BA Hon, MBA

Walter Zuppinger holds an honours BA in Commerce and an MBA from the University of Western Ontario. Upon graduating, he joined Domco as Corporate Controller and soon was promoted to Vice President of Finance and Administration. Upon purchasing controlling interests in the company, he became CEO and was appointed Chairman of the Board in April 2014.

Rosetta Rubino, CPA, CGA

Rosetta Rubino is a CPA, CGA that holds an Accounting & Finance Diploma from Seneca College and CGA designation from the General Accountants Association of Ontario. She is a finance professional with over 25 years in the hospitality sector. Rose maintains budgets, administers benefits, re-negotiates and manages contracts and insurance rates. She oversees all of Domco’s financial aspects and closely works with senior management whilst overseeing the Toronto office.

Quincy Smoliak

Quincy Smoliak has earned positions of increasing responsibility within the 24 years he has been with Domco. First as an Executive Chef, then as an Operation Manager before being a Division Manager and now as Executive Director of Operations; Quincy has a strong operations background and experience in most geographical locations of Canada. Quincy operates out of Domco’s Winnipeg office.

Regis Roy, BA. Admin

Regis Roy is certified in administration. He has managed successful projects at Domco for clients such as Hydro Quebec, Arcelor Mittal, and many more from 1983 to 2022. His current role as Director of Operations in Quebec holds a reputable and rich experience of 39 years and counting.

Juanita Judas-Nitsiza

Juanita has worked for Domco since 2003. Juanita started as an on-site Administrative Clerk where she earned the position of Assistant Project Manager before being promoted to Human Resources Manager. Along with overseeing and coordinating all of Domco’s human resources and recruitment activities in the NWT, Juanita has recently accepted the position of Domco’s Director of Indigenous Relations. Juanita operates out of Domco’s Yellowknife office.

Gerald Servais

Gerald Servais, a certified Construction Health & Safety Officer, holds several diplomas from Canadore College & Nippising University, is a veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces and has worked overseas for more than 7 years. After his return to Canada, Gerald joined Domco in 2011 where he held several positions. Gerald has several years of experience & is currently working on his CRSP.

Louise Dubuc, BA. Admin

Louise Dubuc works in Business Administration and Accounting and has over 35 years of experience in the food service sector. She specializes in remote site administration and sales support, she handles the administration of the Montreal office, and she oversees accounting, customer service, and collective agreements in Domco’s operations.

Robert Gauntlett

Robert Gauntlett is a result- oriented leader with twenty plus years’ experience in developing and maintaining profitable, long term success initiatives, and business partnership relationships. Robert’s experience in business development offers a creative and unique approach in B2B sales and procurement disciplines. His combined operational, and sales experience enable him to understand clients’ visions, while delivering and exceeding client expectations. 

Cathy Laird BA. Admin

Cathy is a Domco veteran who worked her way up in Domco’s Head Office as a key member of the accounting and finance team holding supervisory positions in payroll, cost accounting and operations management liaison. She is currently the Toronto Head Office Administrative/Human Resources Manger overseeing all accounting, payroll, cost accounting and Human Resources functions.

Nico De Lucia

Nico holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Nutritional Sciences and a Graduate Degree in Business. Nico has fulfilled national roles in operations, project management, commercial sales, and strategic planning, carrying over a decade of diverse experience in the foodservice industry. Nico strongly values client relations and is honoured to promote Domco’s mission and lead their business development sector out of its Montreal office.