Richmont Mines

  • The client has over 23 years of experience in production, exploration and development, and has a prudent management style.
  • The client produces gold and conducts advanced development of depth exploration at Island Gold Mine in Ontario, Beaufor, and Monique Mines in Quebec.
  1. The lack of transportation to the site; there is no bus, train, or commercial flight to access Dubreuilville.
  2. The local workforce is inexperienced, poorly disciplined, and there are limited recruitment options.
  3. The facilities are poorly set-up to feed up to 100 residents.
  4. The camp management and room booking system are inefficient, and room utilization are not maximized.
  1. We minimized management’s transport cost by using the client’s transportation from Rouyn-Nouranda, Quebec to Wawa.
  2. We hired an experienced Chef Manager and introduced training, coaching, and operational efficiency programs.
  3. We improved storage and cooking areas set-up to maximize productivity.
  4. We offered the client different scenarios to improve facilities, dorms, kitchen, and common areas for activities.
  5. We worked with the client on the room booking system and put in place a daily monitoring procedure.
  • The new Chef Manager increased overall client and employee satisfaction.
  • The business expanded to include janitorial maintenance and facility management.
  • We met the client’s top management and submitted a proposal for a new camp set up, whereas our contract was extended for a minimum of 2 years with an additional year option.