Remote Camp Systems
and Remote Camp Management

Domco has over 76 years of experience creating the best remote camp systems and offering the highest level of support for remote camp management to main industry sectors including energy, coal and metal mining, drilling, quarrying and engineering & construction.

We understand the complex logistics of running large-scale remote projects located in extreme and hostile environments and can help you oversee all facets of camp construction and management. Our leadership team brings passion and innovation to the field of remote camp hospitality and are well-equipped and experienced at handling all the headaches of operating a well-managed camp with flawless services designed to allow project teams to spend more time doing what they do best.

Our comprehensive camp management system provides turnkey solutions for our clients, keeping us adept at managing resources, keeping projects efficient, within budget and on schedule.

Remote Camp Services

Our full-service solutions for remote camps include:

Whether you need construction remote camp management in the depths of a jungle or require mine camp management in areas of stark landscape, Domco has extensive experience in rapidly deploying and providing remote camp management services to the resources industry.

We have also established strong relationships with leaders in the oil and gas industry,

successfully holding long-term catering and accommodation contracts in almost every province in Canada.

Remote Camps and Facilities

We facilitate remote camp set-ups and upgrades with partners in the industry that complement our tailor-made remote site solutions.  Our full turnkey service includes design, system integration (such as kitchens, dining facilities, washing systems, storage, garbage disposal, potable water, etc), manufacturing, installation, management and maintenance of all prefabricated buildings.

We have designed and built workforce housing for:

Our specialised solutions are designed to withstand the unique environment and potentially harsh conditions of the region. You can depend on Domco for the safety and comfort of your employees in remote job sites.

If you already have the facility set up, Domco can provide a smooth transition of the site maintenance and remote camp management for you to operate efficiently and effectively.

Remote Site Camp Management

We offer all the auxiliary services to provide a solid foundation upon which to build a successful project and allow our clients to focus on their core business.

We cover all your bases. From headquarters to offshore rigs, Domco offers a full range of camp management services and packages to meet the unique set of challenges and requirements of each remote facility. Services include:

Camp Catering & Food Services

At Domco, we understand that in an extreme, remote and oftentimes hostile environment, great food is totally essential to a well-fed crew and happy crew. We work closely with you to help look after your team with healthy, delicious and cost-effective meals to keep them functioning efficiently.

Our certified remote camp chefs and culinary team are committed to nutrition and innovation, regularly re-creating menus and cooking methods to avoid eating the same food over and over and satisfy a variety of tastes. They work diligently to integrate camp services with your day-to-day operations to support on-site productivity initiatives with minimal disruption.

Our camp catering services include:

With smart facilities and digital technology, our multi-choice catering solutions easily satisfy a variety of cravings with an array of food and beverage choices and convenience even in the most isolated places.

Housekeeping, Janitorial & Maintenance

At Domco, we want nothing more than our clients coming back after a long, exhausting working day to a clean, comfortable and well-maintained room to relax and sleep in. Our dedicated cleaning teams keep your camp in tip-top shape with commercial cleaning of indoor living spaces, bathrooms and common areas following cleaning protocols of the very highest standards.

Our remote camp cleaning services include:

We also provide camp site maintenance which can include:

Our goal is to take great care of your workforce by providing excellent hospitality services to meet their daily needs so they can focus on doing their jobs efficiently.

Office Management & Administration

We manage high standard remote offices and boardrooms so you can enjoy increased efficiency without any disruption to your day-to-day operations and facilities maintenance. We can design and implement every element of camp management as part of a bundled package specifically for individual sites and businesses.

Our remote camp office services include:

Remote Camp Management Solutions To Support Your Success

Over the years, Domco has made its mark as one of Canada’s top-notch camp management company with a proven track record of overseeing well-run, skilfully-managed camps for projects in a wide range of industries, including construction remote site management and diamond mine camp management at Ekati Diamond Mines in Canada’s North-West Territories, the Richmont Mines at Island Gold Mine in Ontario, Beaufor, and Monique Mines in Quebec and the Canadian High Arctic Research Station located in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut.

Our remote camp systems and camp management infrastructures are dynamic in a way that they meet operational and budgetary requirements, without compromising on safety or standards, no matter what sectors we manage & cater for.