Canadian High Arctic Research Station

  • This project that ran through 2014-2017 in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut.
  • Operated by a Government facility with a year-round research presence in Canada’s Arctic, exploring cutting-edge Arctic science and technology.
  1. The unusual remote geographic location with a hostile climate.
  2. The transportation costs were extremely high.
  3. The limited local work force market and lack of creative solutions.
  1. We implemented strategies to mitigate the risks of housing workers in an isolated Arctic environment.
  2. We leveraged established relationships and a unique approach to minimize transportation costs.
  3. We provided local employees with flexible schedules, training, and future opportunities to encourage engagement and build their expertise.
  • An improved Arctic experience with facility maintenance, transportation logistics, hiring and training local workforce, and community engagement.
  • New contingency plans in place; tested within the first 3 months of the contract and guaranteed to stand up to the reality of an Arctic winter environment.
  • Successful reduction in freight costs by 50%, which directly benefited the client.
  • Established a 77% local workforce that is proud of their jobs and excited about future opportunities.