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Let us take you through what we do best. We can set up, manage, and maintain your remote site camp facility with tailored hospitality services.

remote site food services buffet table showcasing the camp menu
Our passionate and qualified team of remote chefs develop homemade recipes and menus balanced with variety, themes, taste, nutrition, and local foods. We abide by the highest standards of health and safety in the kitchen, with measures for quality control. Considered one of the best remote site food services and catering companies in Canada. We cater food services for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and stations for grab-and-go items all day long. Our menus and service model can be tailored to your needs and budget.
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Remote cleaning staff working at a mine site cleaning company
Our remote camp housekeeping staff is meticulously trained to follow strict room cleaning procedures on a regular schedule. This training guarantees that all areas are cleaned and disinfected to the established standards. A leader in remote cleaning for mine site cleaning companies and other industries. We adapt to the needs of every single resident on camp, and we use the right tools and systems to ensure efficiency, effectiveness, and the highest hygiene standards.
a remote site janitorial services member cleans a doorknob
Our remote site janitorial crew provides cleaning, floor maintenance, waste management, coverall cleaning, outdoor litter control, snow removal and preventative pest control. We have an Environmental Sustainability Policy to verify that our janitorial camp services include environmentally friendly cleaning products. Remote maintenance staff works together with our housekeeping staff to ensure that every square foot on the camp is well-maintained and cross-verified as per our client’s needs.
the Front desk at a remote camp management services company
We offer the option for a complete personalized package for remote camp services and management. Our programs are not only limited to food catering, housekeeping, and janitorial; we can provide camp administration, room and travel management systems, organized recreational sports and activities, convenience stores, gym and exercise rooms, security, medical support, and more. Whether mine camp management, forestry site management or other remote management services, our camp systems are the best in the industry. Our goal is to create a community with a homestyle-environment, composed of a unique selection of accommodations and services.
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shining long hallway at a remote site facility
Our strengths are within remote site facility management and the assembly of above-mentioned programs; however, we understand the importance of remote facility management. We can look after a client’s facility for its essential needs, and we can flag any major maintenance items throughout our operations. We are open to the determining verification systems and light maintenance services that free up the clients’ trade labourers.
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modular remote camp getting ready for camp mobilization
We have remote camp mobilization partners in the industry that compliment our turnkey remote site solutions by helping us construct a facility to fit the needs of our clients. Our priority is to understand the client’s critical needs and develop a camp layout that is optimal for the performance of the desired services. Together, we can create a plan build that can be implemented by Domco or the client, followed by a smooth transition of the facility maintenance and remote camp management.

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