Remote Site Food Services
& Remote Camp Catering Services

Great quality catering is not only about cooking up tasty meals for clients, but also about going above and beyond in order to deliver tailored and convenient solutions that meet the client’s needs. In some industries this is easy, but for those in the extractive sectors such as the construction, mining and engineering industries, providing food catering services of the highest quality in remote work locations becomes a lot more challenging and complex.

We at the Domco Group of Canada understand that catering to remote and often hazardous locations requires specialized solutions. With 76 years of experience offering integrated remote site solutions in camp and facility management in almost every province in Canada, we understand the specifics, subtleties and difficulties associated with providing catering services to various remote site projects.

Domco Group of Canada can provide comprehensive remote catering services tailored to your specific needs at any location. Our experienced team of remote site chefs and hand-picked onsite teams will manage your remote catering needs the same way we do everything, with a clear commitment to excellence.

We Offer You

Full Service Remote Camp Catering
& Remote Site Food Services

Since our company’s founding in 1945, the Domco Group of Canada has consistently built an excellent reputation as one of Canada’s top remote catering companies based solely upon the quality of our food, the reliability of our staff and the superiority of our remote catering services.

Domco Group of Canada offers full-service remote camp catering solutions including:

Camp Management

From fully-managed camps to tailored solutions that meet your budget, we can oversee and ensure first class catering and housekeeping services throughout the hard working days.
camp management

Camp Maintenance

We provide and set up mobile/temporary kitchen facilities, temperature-controlled dining facilities, food equipment storage and facilities, refrigeration facilities, dishwashing facilities, potable water, diesel fuel and LP gas supply and other operational support and infrastructure requirements to keep everything running smooth and fully operational at all times.

Remote Catering

We’ll be responsible for purchasing goods, preparing food, and serving the meals and beverages. Our professional catering personnel will work with you to plan meal hours, special dietary concerns of workers and are committed to provide your employees a delicious well-balanced and nutritional diet that will enhance their quality of life while living and working in a far off, secluded and even hostile environment.

Backed by our expansive capabilities and resources our team of food service providers can deliver the most delicious and nutritious meals under the most challenging of scenarios and the remotest geographic regions anywhere in Canada.

Our remote camp food catering services include:

Our well-equipped, fully staffed kitchens are capable of serving your company’s meal requirements each and every day regardless if we are providing remote camp food catering for 100 or 10, 000 workers. Plus, we can adapt to your organization’s changing needs and customize our operations quickly and efficiently, taking into consideration your budget, geographic location, working conditions, shift schedules and the dietary needs of your workforce.

Healthiest Food Delivery Services

Eating consistent quality meals at remote job sites is a big challenge for many remote site workers who work long, grueling hours often in extreme, remote or hostile environments.

It’s very important that you keep your crew’s energy levels high all through the day, not only so they can finish the work, but also to keep their mind and concentration alert so they work safely and avoid mistakes or accidents in the workplace. In heavy industries such as construction, oil, gas, energy, forestry and manufacturing, the cost of a tired, distracted or hungry worker can have disastrous effects.

Hungry workers are less productive, and businesses lose productivity when workers make mistakes or have accidents and call in sick or develop long-term illnesses.  The best employers understand the importance of investing in their worker’s morale, safety, productivity and long-term health.

The key to healthy eating is a well-balanced and nutritional diet consisting of a variety of foods from different food groups.  Our remote chefs and nutritionists understand the importance of nutrition for crews working long shifts and can develop and deliver meals custom-tailored to each client. Our culinary team constantly adjusts the menu in line with seasonal produce and are always committed to using the freshest ingredients and highest-quality products in order to offer a variety of choices to consistently please a diverse workforce. Our remote camp chefs and personnel hold degrees from certified culinary institutes and are equipped with extensive work experience in food preparation in remote locations.

When you choose Domco for your remote site food catering, we guarantee your workforce will consistently enjoy an innovative and exciting camp food menu tailored to their specific tastes and dietary needs. We are committed to taking care of your employees and providing them with quality nourishment and an exciting and healthy dining experience in every meal.

Remote Site Catering Services For Any Sector

Whether you need remote catering on a full-scale drilling platform in Alberta, Canada or remote site catering at a mining camp in Lac de Gras, our services can be customized to meet the needs of your particular project – large or small, no matter how far away the location.

Domco Group of Canada specializes in providing food service for many different industries and settings, including:

Camp Catering Companies

As a fully-fledged remote camp and facility management company, providing accommodation and food services to large construction or development projects, oil and gas operations and wherever remote workforce housing is required anywhere in Canada, Domco provides a level of service that is second to none in the industry.

We provide best-in-class remote worksite services with full-service options including high quality remote site food catering services, housekeeping, site planning, set-up, and maintenance. Domco consistently provides well-trained and courteous personnel who exceed industry safety standards and customer expectations in food preparations and full camp management.

Whatever your company requirements are, we can arrange remote camp food services tailored to meet your unique business needs.